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Stainless Steel 1Ph IEC AC Electric Motors

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Stainless Steel 1Ph IEC AC Electric Motors




our top of the line stainless steel iec ac motors are suitable for almost any application. this is due to its reliability and durability, since it is made from a high grade of stainless steel, enabling it to exceed customer requirements.     

technical data

  • voltage: 240v
  • phase: 1ph stainless steel ac motor
  • frequency: 50hz
  • poles: 4
  • international protections: ip 66/67 washdown
  • insulation class: f
  • duty: s1

  • special advanced stator insulation system
  • efficient
    • nema stainless steel motor: exceeds nema epact efficiency standards
    • iec standard motor: as per 60034-30-2008 euro standards
  • variable speed capability: rated 20 - 80hz
  • thermistors as standard: ptc style thermistors for early detection of excessive temperature rise.
  • noise levels: dba noise is the lowest in industry
  • washdown duty applications
  • oversized bearings on both ends c/w locked drive-end bearing construction
  • oversized conduit box c/w lead seal
  • drill & tapped drains
  • t-drain included
  • double lip contact seals
our stainless steel electric motors are manufactured to the highest quality and are used where it is not ideal to use a standard motor
  • food processing industry
  • chemical & medical processing industry
  • bottling industry
  • conveyors industry
  • boat/fishing industry
  • machines where water can quickly rust the hollow shaft
frame construction
  • stainless steel frame: high polished tig welded inside the frame without welds vestige outside.
  • extra deep rabbeted fits: extra deep rabbeted for 100% concentricity and sealing (explosion proof tolerances).

end-shield construction
  • stainless steel end-shield: precision machined from premium 304 stainless steel and end-shield is fitted by long bolts for ease of disassembly.
  • extra deep protection: special o-rings (submersible) on the end-shields for double the protection against water entry.

terminal box
  • frame to conduit box: epoxy encapsulated head entrance conduit box to keep chemicals and moisture from entering motor.
  • conduit box cover: conduit box cover with seal simply twist off for quick and easy installation and maintenance.
  • entrance connector: ip55 submersible cable gland is provided as standard.


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